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About Us

Who we are ?

SINO Vehicle Hub Co., Ltd. is a start up E-commerce platform specialized in sourcing up the suitable new and used vehicles which cater to potential customers with various demands, the founding team has many years’ experience in vehicle industry area!

What the platform is different with the traditional one is that we integrate all the resources from online and offline during international trade process, and position ourselves as consultative platform.

In order to cut extra cost, we cooperate with supply side directly and ensure products quality through the cooperation with third inspection agency such SGS. What the main concerns for the used vehicle is the after service, you can easily find the applicable spare parts when you decide to buy the vehicle, and we are seting up the overseas service shops and spare parts warehouses all the time.

Our aim is not only to sell the good and suitable vehicle, but provide one stop service through platform, especially under the serious situation of COVID-19,it is good way to adapt to new business model to restart the business!

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