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Auto & Parts Exhibition Schedule
Jan 01, 1970
Exhibition Name Location Time Industry Suggested Remarks
India New Delhi (Frankfurt) International Auto Parts Exhibition India April 22-25, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ The top event in India's auto repair, service and retail industry!
Turkey Istanbul International Auto Parts and After-sales Service Exhibition Turkey April 8-11, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★  
Guadalajara, Mexico International Heavy Vehicles and Parts Exhibition Mexico October, 2021 Auto parts ★★★  
Chennai International Tire Exhibition India September, 2021 Tires ★★★★  
Brazil Sao Paulo International Two-wheeler Trade Fair Brazil November,2021 motorcycle ★★★★ Large-scale, more professional, and more enterprise-focused international two-wheeler and accessories exhibition in Latin America!
Louisville International Central Truck Exhibition United States March 24-26, 2022 truck ★★★★ The world's largest and professional truck show!
Lyon International Heavy Vehicles and Accessories Exhibition France November,2021 car ★★★★  
Moscow International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition Russia September 7-11, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★ An international event that attracts global auto manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and distributors!
Kenya Nairobi International Automobile and Motorcycle Exhibition Kenya November 18-20, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★ Kenya's large-scale and effective professional car and accessories, motorcycles and accessories expo!
Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City International Automobile, Motorcycle and Parts Exhibition Vietnam August 19-22, 2021 Car ★★★★ The largest and most professional exhibition in this industry in Vietnam!
Birmingham International Commercial Vehicle and Parts Exhibition United Kingdom August 31-September 2 2021 Car ★★★★ The largest and successful automotive industry exhibition in the UK!
Sao Paulo International Commercial Vehicle and Auto Parts Exhibition Brazil October,2021 Auto parts ★★★★ A large-scale professional trade show related to large vehicles, equipment and accessories in Latin America!
Atlanta International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition United States October,2021 Car ★★★★ One of the more professional commercial vehicle exhibitions in North America, representing new industry trends!
World Bus Exhibition in Brussels, Belgium Belgium October,2021 bus ★★★★★ The world's largest professional bus show with a long history is the main battlefield for the European and even global bus market!
Moscow International Auto Parts and After-sales Service Exhibition Russia November,2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ The Russian car market is developing rapidly! Automechanika and MIMS join forces!
Milan International Two-wheeler Exhibition Italy November 9-14, 2021 motorcycle ★★★★★ Global motorcycle manufacturers and distributors are eye-catching, the gateway to enter the European and world markets!
Brazil Sao Paulo International Auto Parts Exhibition Brazil November 9-13, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ A large-scale and professional large-scale international exhibition event in South America!

International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition in Hannover, Germany
Germany September, 2022 Car ★★★★★ One of the most influential professional commercial vehicle events in the world, more than 75% of the audience are company decision makers!
Cologne International Two-wheeler Exhibition Germany October 5-9, 2022 motorcycle ★★★★★ A well-known professional international motorcycle fair with a long history!
Moscow International Auto Parts Exhibition, Russia Russia August 24-27, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ A grand event for the world's top auto manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and dealers!
Las Vegas International Modified Cars and Accessories Exhibition United States November 2-5, 2021 Modified cars ★★★★★ The world's premier professional automobile and motorcycle product trade event!
Shanghai International Auto Parts, Maintenance, Testing and Diagnostic Equipment and Service Supplies Exhibition China November 24-27, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ A large-scale exhibition of auto parts, maintenance, testing and diagnostic equipment and service supplies in Asia!
Las Vegas International Auto Parts and After-sales Service Exhibition United States November 2-4, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ The professional exhibition of the world's large-scale automotive after-sales service market
India New Delhi International Auto Parts Exhibition India February, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ Large-scale automotive exhibition in India! The explosive growth of business opportunities is waiting for you!
Dubai International Auto Parts and After-sales Service Exhibition Dubai December 14-16, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ A large-scale and effective professional auto parts exhibition in the Middle East!
Nagoya International Automobile Technology Exhibition, Japan Japan October 27-29, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★ An extension of the Tokyo exhibition, Japan's professional automotive technology exhibition
Frankfurt International Automobile and Parts Exhibition (online exhibition) Germany September 14-16, 2021 Auto parts ★★★★★  
Frankfurt International Automobile and Parts Exhibition Germany September 13-17, 2022 Auto parts ★★★★★ An international event in the automotive industry!
Paris International Auto Parts Exhibition France October 18-22, 2022 Auto parts ★★★★★ A veritable international event for automotive industry technology and service, an excellent platform for domestic companies to enter the French auto parts market!
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